Hello and welcome to our website.  We offer a full range of activated carbon products including 4mm diameter pellets for air purification, 3mm pellets for hydroponic or aquatic applications and granules to improve the quality of drinking water.  We also feature 500 gram tubs of 3mm pellets to refill cooker hoods as well as zeolite crystals for odour control.

Because of its renowned odour absorbing characteristics, we are often asked for advice on which type of activated carbon is the most suitable to remove odours from domestic situations.  For this reason, we have prepared general guidance on the matter which you can find on the page headed Odour Control which we hope will assist you to determine the most appropriate product for your needs.  There is also a page explaining about activated carbon, how its produced and why it is so effective in asorbing large quantities of contaminants.

We are now in our 9th year of trading and have many repeat customers.  Unless otherwise stated, the products are available ex-stock and are despatched by first class post for total weights under 2 kilos or by overnight parcel service (U.K. mainland only) for 2 kilos and over.  For the latter, we email you with a Consignment Note number to enable you to track the parcel online.  We hope that you find something of interest.