Carbon filters incorporating activated carbon pellets are the ideal filtration system solution for hydroponic gardens.  Apart from filtering air, carbon filters also trap odour molecules, mainly produced by plants such as chilli peppers, orchids, herbs & spices and thus serve a dual purpose of improving air circulation and keeping the cultivating area odour free.  After 12 to 18 months of use, the filters begin to lose their effectiveness and need to be replaced.

As an alternative to replacement, we offer the opportunity for you to refill your filter with fresh activated carbon pellets.  If you feel sufficiently competent to undertake this task, we supply 3mm diameter activated carbon pellets packed in 1 kilo bags for ease of handling.  This size of pellet ensures a greater surface area between the air stream and the carbon bed to clean the air more effectively.  Before ordering, we suggest that you weigh your filter to determine what quantity of activated carbon pellets you will need to purchase.  Please note that some filters such as Mountain Fresh cannot be refilled as they do not use this type of carbon.

1 kilo of Hydroponic activated carbon pellets - £ 9.85 each

2 kilos of Hydroponic activated carbon pellets - £ 17.90 each

5 kilos of Hydroponic activated carbon pellets - £ 39.95 each

The above prices include VAT, but not postage and packing which is added at the checkout or invoicing stage. 

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