Drinking water

Our activated carbon granules can be incorporated into a filter through which water is passed in order to improve its taste, odour and colour.  These filters can be either pour through where water is poured into the top and filters by gravity or in high volume units designed to be installed in-line.

Our granular activated carbon complies with both European standards (EN) and American (NSF) requirements.  It can be used to produce high quality water that is safe for human consumption and matches the consumer's expectations, especially on taste.

1 kilo of activated carbon granules - £ 9.85 each

2 kilos of activated carbon granules - £ 17.90 each

5 kilos of activated carbon granules - £ 39.95 each

The above prices include VAT, but not postage and packing which is added at the checkout or invoicing stage. 

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