Activated carbon blankets

Originally developed by the MOD to protect the armed forces against chemical warfare attack, activated carbon fibre incorporates the latest technology to embed activated carbon particules into a woven material making it highly efficient at absorbing all kinds of odours.

Measuring 135cm x 100cm (53 x 39 inches) , the blanket involves a layer of activated carbon fibre moulded onto a hard wearing outer material consisting of knitted polyester.  Place the blanket as close as possible to the source of odour and allow up to 12 hours in contact for the best results.  The blanket can be washed, if necessary, at 40 degrees C.

Use to absorb "doggy smells" from the boot or back seat of a car, to cover pieces of furniture that have tobacco or musty odours and to drape over shoes and trainers at the bottom of a wardrobe.  Highly suitable for anyone who is chemically sensitive to fumes from new motor vehicles, sofas and mattresses.

Cut to size to produce bags or wraps for sports equipment, shoes & trainers or for dirty washing when travelling.  Also to make up chair pads for flatulence or IBS problems.  Use to cover areas associated with incontinence or sickness issues.


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