Zeolite crystals

Zeolite is a naturally occuring mineral resulting from the alteration of volcanic ash in lake and marine waters.  It has unique adsorption, cation-exchange, dehydration - rehydration and catalytic properties and its multitude of uses in deodourisation has prompted an alternative name - magic rock.  Like activated carbon, zeolite has an intensive honeycomb structure capable of adsorbing vast quantities of contaminants without causing any physical or chemical change in the mineral itself.  Compeletely   non-toxic to people and pets. 

Each mesh bag contains 300 grams of zeolite crystals sufficient to neutralise odours in an area up to 50 square feet for around six months.  Use to absorb smells from fresh paint, petrol & tobacco fumes, cat litter trays, pet cages, milk spills and laundry baskets.  Place one or more bags in wardrobes to absorb odours from shoes and trainers, cupboards to control musty smells, stop ammonia odours from pet urine or nappy buckets and neutralise smell from dead rodents under floorboards. Keep in your car to absorb tobacco smells and wet dog odours.  Place in refrigerator or freezer to neutralise odours.  Hide in bathroom and toilets to control smells.  The crystals can be re-activated by placing the mesh bags in direct sunlight for a day. Bag measures 170 x 170 mm.

One bag of zeolite crystals - £ 3.60

Five bags of zeolite crystals - £ 15.50

Ten bags of zeolite crystals - £ 25.25

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